Thursday, September 5, 2013

Homecoming Advice

Advice for “Homecoming Newbies” is being handed out and  it is all worth listening to. The dos and don'ts of homecoming are simple prices of advice for anyone with a question or two. So here is my advice to you:
The don’t list is a long one, this is a night you don’t want to look back on with regret. Don’t be stupid, don’t do drugs, don’t consume any alcohol, don’t participate in public displays of affection, nobody enjoys seeing that stuff. Don’t eat too much, you want to be able to dance. Don’t cause drama. Don’t wear those super cute heels you can’t walk in, no one wants to listen to your complaints, buy the flats instead. Don’t spend all of the money you, or your parents, have. Cut out all of the extras, for example the limos. Years down the road you are going to wish you had saved the money from that 15 minute limousine ride and the dress you are probably never going to wear again. Don't try to be the center of attention. Don't watch everyone dance, get on the floor and get crazy yourself. Girls, don't act like a princess. Guys, don’t be rude and don’t take the girl who is rude to you, everyone, guys and girls alike, deserve to be treated kindly. Don’t let your homecoming date bully you into spending the big bucks and  wearing a tux, kakias look just as nice and rumor has it they are much more enjoyable to wear.

The do’s are so much more fun. Do enjoy your night, do dance, do take too many pictures. Do paint your nails and do your own hair, it’s so much cheaper and when you get compliments, all of the credit goes to you. Do be thoughtful of everyone elses feelings, it’s their special night too. Do show loads of school spirit the week before homecoming. Do laugh. Do step out of your comfort zone, ask the cute girl or boy to dance. Do be modest, this is not a club it is a school event. Do have a plan, it’s no fun to be worrying about where you will go for dinner the day before homecoming. Do find something nice to complement everyone about, it’s no secret that everyone spends a lot of time trying to look nice so, make them feel like all of the preparations were worth it. Do make it a night to remember! Do go to homecoming you only get four.
Homecoming is not going to be the best day of your life, your wedding day will come and beat homecoming without a second thought. But it is still important to make this day something to remember. Be kind and gracious and always thoughtful of other people. When you make someone happy you make yourself happy, simple as that. Be safe, glorify God in everything, and make some memories!