Monday, December 31, 2012


If there is one thing I love to do it is read. When I was little if I got in trouble my punishment would be having my books taken away. I knew exactly where my Mom would hide the books too and when my parents were out of the house I would sneak and read them. Books are what whisk me away from this world, when I get bored with my life and there is no adventure to be had. I just pick up a book and am instantly placed into a world I dream about living in. If I'm having a tough time or just want to escape from the world I pick up a book. I don't run away from my problems but I make them more bearable by living some other persons problems for a short time.
It seems to stun people that I become so close to characters that when my book is over I mope around mourning that my adventure with that person is over. It also seems to stun them that I talk about the character as if they are real "Oh, Addie wouldn't do that" "Millie says that life is for living so, jump in!" It seems to drive my family nuts because they always have to guess at if the person is real or not.
I can bounce back very quickly after the end of a book because I jump right into another. But the book I just finished absolutely tore me apart. I can't read another book because I know that no other book could amount to how great this book was, for the moment. I want to relish in the pain of this one. The author did a lovely job of getting me emotionally attached to these characters. I never cry over movies or books but at the end of this book I was honestly so close to bawling my eyes out. In the epilogue she says that they live a happy life AND THEN THEY DIE AT AN OLD AGE. You are like, "Abbie, what is you problem? They are just book characters and everyone has to die." Yeah, yeah, yeah I know. But these were my friends!! And I'm sitting there and they die and I'm still at my ripe age of 16. I started the journey with them when they were young, I grew up with them, then I have to bury them and I have only aged a couple of days.
I have spent my whole day feeling the pain of loss. I can't stop thinking of my friends, I can't stop thinking about what they would do or that they would have laughed at that or how they would have grabbed life by the hands and done this or that outrageous thing.
I have been sitting here for an hour and a half trying to write this post but I just can't stop thinking about my book and to top all of that off, this post makes no sense.
So, just ignore all of my mindless chatter and have a lovely new year and do like Miriam would do and look at every moment as an adventure.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

So, you don't think God is great? Read this.

I've always found it crazy that people don't believe that there is a God. I know there are probably millions of posts out there very similar to how this one is going to be, but Imma do it any way!

I went on a walk this morning. I always enjoy admiring The Lord's creations so I kept my eyes wide open, as not to miss a single thing. Only two humans were spotted on my little adventure and towards the end of the walk my chin was feeling the nip of Jack Frost, despite my giant knitted scarf. Giant snow flakes were drifting to the ground, anxious to kiss old snow hello. As I walked into the wind I was careful to keep my chin tucked against my chest. But as soon as the wind wasn't slapping my face I allowed my curious eyes to wander over the white landscape.
How can a person not believe that there is a God? I mean, the snow flakes. It's said that no two flakes are the same, they are all made with a different design by the hand of God. Crazy, right? It's hard for me to fathom that it's even possible, I mean, how many years has it been snowing? Thousands of years and there is not a single design repeated in any flake. This has to take a lot of creativity, creativity that can only belong to a God who made the earth.
On my walk I also noticed many other things. How the birds still chased each other in circles around trees even though it was freezing and the three squirrels that played tag on the trunk of another tree. Am I the only one who thinks it's crazy that they can play on the trunk of a tree and not fall to the ground? Squirrels were made that way and I'm not going to be one to question how amazing God is. But still people believe that this all exploded into being? Even the simplest things scream, THE GOD OF THE UNIVERSE MADE ME!!!
I once read somewhere that bumble bees defy all of scientists expectations. Their body's are supposed to be too big for their wings to support them. Scientifically bees aren't supposed to fly, but they do. If you don't think that is crazy then take a step back and take a different look at it. Bees, though they scare most of us, are mandatory for our living. Bees pollinate plants, so the plant can reproduce. Without a bee's flight nothing would get pollinated, causing plants to wither and die without producing offspring. That would mean no wheat, corn, barley, and any other plant. Everything we eat originates from a plant, no matter how processed. Now you say meat, we can eat meat you silly girl. Well, where does a cow, pig, or any other animal's food come from? That's right, plants. So, without a bee's flight, anything of any kind would not exist. I'm sorry if that doesn't blow your mind, I really am. Let me try once more to blow your mind on this concept. Bee no fly, you no live, no worry, bee do fly. Okay, sorry that was a pathetic attempt at humor. But this really is AMAZING, the bee is not expected to fly but God saw what the world would be like if the bee didn't fly, even though man doesn't seem to think it should be possible, with God all things are possible. Now don't try to tell me that bees morphed into being able to fly, that's silly.
There are so many crazy things that God wove into creation. There are 284 individual muscles in the caterpillar's head. 284 in the head alone. Caterpillar's heads are tiny!! The earth was placed the perfect distance to the sun, a tad bit closer and earth would be way too hot for life to live on, a little further away and it would be too cold. And people think that the earth exploded into the perfect spot. It's okay if you are just as confused as me.
I also looked up some facts about our planet that are crazy. The earth travels at the perfect speed around the sun, about 66,000 miles an hour. Faster and it would be an icy wasteland, slower and we would be pulled toward to sun and would burn up. Also the average distance between the stars within our galaxy is about six light years apart, that's about 36 trillion miles. To me they seem so close together when they shine in the sky. For more facts and to see theses facts visit:
I dare you to go on a walk, no matter the weather. I've gone on walks in the rain and snow, and you should too!! It's quite the adventure. Go alone and open your eyes, look around and notice the world around you! Ponder things and watch in awe as the world around you does it's thing. The Creator made this world for you to explore, so go on, get messy and learn about your surroundings!
Happy adventuring,

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

How to be an Explorer of the World

Tonight I braved the cold weather to buy a book. Okay, I will admit that it's not that odd for me to sail the seven seas for a book (I wouldn't really sail across the sea for a book).
The book is called "How to be an Explorer of the World" by Keri Smith. I'm super excited about it! It's full of suggestions and activities that have you step back and look at the world and then explore it! There are 59 "explorations" and I figured I would blog about them! If you would like to follow along with me I'm sure you could find it at a store and I know they sell them on Amazon!! And if you don't want to buy a book you can just read my opinions on each adventure! But I think it would be fun to blog about what I learn from this book!

Monday, December 24, 2012

20 reasons why I love Christmas

Who doesn't love a good list, right? That's why I plan to make you one! Here are 20 reasons why I love Christmas:
  1. Getting people presents
  2. The look on a persons face when they receive something they love
  3. Christmas lights
  4. Christmas trees
  5. Decorating and eating cookies
  6. Having time to read over break
  7. Hot chocolate
  8. Waking up early on Christmas morning (yes, I enjoy it)
  9. Christmas music
  10. Singing loudly to Christmas carols
  11. Having my family in town
  12. Catching up with friends
  13. Opening presents
  14. Decorating Christmas trees
  15. Having Santa come
  16. Receiving Christmas cards
  17. Wearing sweaters
  18. Having rosy cheeks everywhere I go
  19. Christmas socks
  20. The fact that God sent His perfect Son to the sinful world so we could join Him in Heaven.
Those are in no specific order, I just typed them as they came to me! I hope my list can help get you thinking why you love Christmas. May your holiday season be very merry!! Have a lovely Christmas and don't forget why we actually celebrate!
Happy birthday Jesus!!

Saturday, December 22, 2012

The Chileans

My dad works with this guy from Chile. The guy moved his family from Chile to the U.S. about two years ago. He has a beautiful wife and they have two little girls. The older of the two girls is two and has these giant blue eyes. The second girl is only three weeks old and is about the cutest little bundle ever.
In Chile they speak Spanish, very improper Spanish I'm told, but when he came to America he could speak English pretty well just because he had been working with Americans for awhile, he's a vet. But his wife couldn't, she's been taking classes at a college and she has gotten so much better. It's cool to have conversations with her because when they came she said and understood nothing.
Her parents traveled up here to meet their new granddaughter and to spend the holidays with their family. In Chile family's are super close and spend a ton of time together. Parents don't even go on dates alone there, simply because that is how they live, surrounded by family. So this family's move has been emotionally hard for them all.
Okay, there is your background.
But her parents are here and they have been here for a month, I'm not sure when they plan to leave. We were helping them move today because they bought a real house! I was super excited because I could carry on a bit of a conversation with her mom (who knows no English).
My Spanish classes are starting to payoff, which is super exciting! My hard work was not in vain!!
It was also really cool how my mom seemed to be able to communicate with them too, even though she knows no Spanish.
Knowing these people has really taught me step out of my comfort zone, even though I don't see them often. I'm not super confident with my Spanish but this family moved to a place where they couldn't communicate easily. I don't think I could have to courage to do that, I like to know what people are saying to me.
These are super cool people and I hope that all of you will have the chance to be friends with someone where there is a language barrier. It's hard and sometimes frustrating but it is so rewarding and you get to learn things about their culture while they learn about yours.
No matter the language barrier pursue new friendships.

Friday, December 21, 2012

Meet Me

I'm new to this whole blog a post a day thing, but I'm going to try. If you like what I say, share my blog with your friends. I wouldn't mind making my little corner of the blogging nation a little bigger.
I guess maybe I should start with who I am, I won't give away too much information because 1) there are creepy stalkers out there that will take advantage of my posting personal things and 2) I want you all to have a chance to learn who I am through my posts, but I suppose I can give away some things.
I am an avid reader and love to write, I am on the school newspaper and have all ready had one of my stories entered into a competition! I play the flute in my school band, I'm 4th chair but I don't know how I got that spot. I'm not the best at playing the flute, to say the least. Enough about all of that.
I have curly hair that one day will remind me of a beach wave and the next will look like I took a curling iron to it, my hair is crazy. I never seem to stop thinking, it can drive me nuts, but I seem to always be able to solve a problem. Hmmm what else? Well I don't like to cook much. I can cook, my mom has made sure of that. But I would much rather go out and mow a lawn or scoop snow or anything else outside and then I would rather go scrub something, but I would soooo much rather cook than put my clothes away. Wow sorry I just went off on that tangent. If you're still reading this, kudos to you.
I can't believe I didn't put this earlier but I daydream, like crazy. I guess that kind of goes with thinking constantly. But I always have some scenario running through my head. I'm also probably one of the worlds worst spellers, I'm not joking. So, if you find a spelling error, give me grace, please. I found out the reason why I spell so horribly once, it was something about my abstract way of thinking and how I have no order to how my thoughts pop into my head, or something like that. You have probably already figured out that I have no order to my thoughts by how random this post  seems.
I love learning about people too! It fascinates me how everyone thinks so differently and how when something happens we all have different reactions and a different take on what happens.
I'm also a believer in Jesus Christ, but I could write so much about that so I will save it for another time, when I have more time. I hate to end with Jesus when it should all begin with Him, but I guess it's how its going to be. I will dedicate a post to Him, very soon, I promise.