Saturday, December 22, 2012

The Chileans

My dad works with this guy from Chile. The guy moved his family from Chile to the U.S. about two years ago. He has a beautiful wife and they have two little girls. The older of the two girls is two and has these giant blue eyes. The second girl is only three weeks old and is about the cutest little bundle ever.
In Chile they speak Spanish, very improper Spanish I'm told, but when he came to America he could speak English pretty well just because he had been working with Americans for awhile, he's a vet. But his wife couldn't, she's been taking classes at a college and she has gotten so much better. It's cool to have conversations with her because when they came she said and understood nothing.
Her parents traveled up here to meet their new granddaughter and to spend the holidays with their family. In Chile family's are super close and spend a ton of time together. Parents don't even go on dates alone there, simply because that is how they live, surrounded by family. So this family's move has been emotionally hard for them all.
Okay, there is your background.
But her parents are here and they have been here for a month, I'm not sure when they plan to leave. We were helping them move today because they bought a real house! I was super excited because I could carry on a bit of a conversation with her mom (who knows no English).
My Spanish classes are starting to payoff, which is super exciting! My hard work was not in vain!!
It was also really cool how my mom seemed to be able to communicate with them too, even though she knows no Spanish.
Knowing these people has really taught me step out of my comfort zone, even though I don't see them often. I'm not super confident with my Spanish but this family moved to a place where they couldn't communicate easily. I don't think I could have to courage to do that, I like to know what people are saying to me.
These are super cool people and I hope that all of you will have the chance to be friends with someone where there is a language barrier. It's hard and sometimes frustrating but it is so rewarding and you get to learn things about their culture while they learn about yours.
No matter the language barrier pursue new friendships.