Friday, December 21, 2012

Meet Me

I'm new to this whole blog a post a day thing, but I'm going to try. If you like what I say, share my blog with your friends. I wouldn't mind making my little corner of the blogging nation a little bigger.
I guess maybe I should start with who I am, I won't give away too much information because 1) there are creepy stalkers out there that will take advantage of my posting personal things and 2) I want you all to have a chance to learn who I am through my posts, but I suppose I can give away some things.
I am an avid reader and love to write, I am on the school newspaper and have all ready had one of my stories entered into a competition! I play the flute in my school band, I'm 4th chair but I don't know how I got that spot. I'm not the best at playing the flute, to say the least. Enough about all of that.
I have curly hair that one day will remind me of a beach wave and the next will look like I took a curling iron to it, my hair is crazy. I never seem to stop thinking, it can drive me nuts, but I seem to always be able to solve a problem. Hmmm what else? Well I don't like to cook much. I can cook, my mom has made sure of that. But I would much rather go out and mow a lawn or scoop snow or anything else outside and then I would rather go scrub something, but I would soooo much rather cook than put my clothes away. Wow sorry I just went off on that tangent. If you're still reading this, kudos to you.
I can't believe I didn't put this earlier but I daydream, like crazy. I guess that kind of goes with thinking constantly. But I always have some scenario running through my head. I'm also probably one of the worlds worst spellers, I'm not joking. So, if you find a spelling error, give me grace, please. I found out the reason why I spell so horribly once, it was something about my abstract way of thinking and how I have no order to how my thoughts pop into my head, or something like that. You have probably already figured out that I have no order to my thoughts by how random this post  seems.
I love learning about people too! It fascinates me how everyone thinks so differently and how when something happens we all have different reactions and a different take on what happens.
I'm also a believer in Jesus Christ, but I could write so much about that so I will save it for another time, when I have more time. I hate to end with Jesus when it should all begin with Him, but I guess it's how its going to be. I will dedicate a post to Him, very soon, I promise.