Monday, December 24, 2012

20 reasons why I love Christmas

Who doesn't love a good list, right? That's why I plan to make you one! Here are 20 reasons why I love Christmas:
  1. Getting people presents
  2. The look on a persons face when they receive something they love
  3. Christmas lights
  4. Christmas trees
  5. Decorating and eating cookies
  6. Having time to read over break
  7. Hot chocolate
  8. Waking up early on Christmas morning (yes, I enjoy it)
  9. Christmas music
  10. Singing loudly to Christmas carols
  11. Having my family in town
  12. Catching up with friends
  13. Opening presents
  14. Decorating Christmas trees
  15. Having Santa come
  16. Receiving Christmas cards
  17. Wearing sweaters
  18. Having rosy cheeks everywhere I go
  19. Christmas socks
  20. The fact that God sent His perfect Son to the sinful world so we could join Him in Heaven.
Those are in no specific order, I just typed them as they came to me! I hope my list can help get you thinking why you love Christmas. May your holiday season be very merry!! Have a lovely Christmas and don't forget why we actually celebrate!
Happy birthday Jesus!!